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Children are the most important part of any family and their smile is precious. A happy smile requires happy tooth, and as a pediatric dentist dr. shweta makes sure that your kid has the best possible opportunity to lay down the foundation of healthy habits and teeth. From teething infants to appearance conscious teenagers and from thumb sucking toddlers to confidently smiling adolescents, best quality dental care is provided to one and all.

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What People Say

  • IMG-20160523-WA0004

    Dearest doctor didi,

    Thank you for making me smile.

    Love, Fiona Edward

  • My daughter Insia  is suffering from ADHD and is also hyperactive. Dr. Shweta did the filling very carefully without any sedatives. My daughter was so hyperactive but she did her job beautifully and with lots of patience. I am impressed and grateful to her for relieving my daughter from her tooth pain. You are a wonderful doctor, may god bless u.

    Insia’s mother