Tiny Teeth

Experience the magic at “Tiny Teeth”

“Tiny Teeth” is the first exclusive children’s dental clinic of Mangaluru delivering comprehensive dental treatment to children and adolescents till 18 years of age. Mangaluru takes pride in its top of the line healthcare infrastructure and super specialized doctors on par with any metro city in the country. An exclusive dental clinic for children adds to that enviable list of the health infrastructure facilities at Mangaluru.

Dental treatment is stressful even for adults, so how can we expect our little children to cope up with it? Tiny Teeth intends to fill that important space in the healthcare of children in Mangaluru.

We have two branches, one at Mangaluru and the other at Surathkal. The doctor at Tiny Teeth Mangalore is Dr. Shweta T and at Tiny Teeth Surathkal is Dr. Ashwin Rao. Both are specialized in Pediatric Dentistry.

A very famous quote in Pediatric Dentistry by McElroy (1896) goes thus“The operative dentistry may be perfect, but the appointment is failure if the child departs in tears”. At Tiny Teeth, we fully endorse this policy and we display this boldly at the entrance of the operatory to put the children and parents at ease.

A child friendly ambience greets you immediately as you enter the clinic to a yellow and green theme. A play area has been designated for children at both the branches to keep them engaged in the waiting area. The play area is filled with interesting activities like a black board, a mini library and many little toys to set children in a happy frame of mind before the dental treatment. During the dental treatment, a television playing the child’s favourite animations, serves as a fantastic distraction.

Our infection control protocols are also something we take a lot of pride in at Tiny Teeth. In addition to our already up to date infection control protocols, the COVID 19 pandemic lead us to further upgrade our protocols. The atmosphere inside the clinic operatory is completely sanitized owing to the following new additions to our infection control inventory. These include medical grade HEPA filters, UVC germicidal lights (253nm) and chlorine dioxide air fumigation to sanitize the operatory during, in-between and after clinical hours.

But, most importantly it is the Doctors at Tiny Teeth who are the souls of the clinic. Both, Dr. Shweta and Dr. Ashwin have received formal training in “Child Psychology” and tailor make individualized “Behavior Guidance” methods for children with the objective of making dental treatment comfortable for the child. Establishing two way communication with children, involving children through conversation and activities during the dental treatment, painless local anesthetic techniques and mild sedation when necessary are some of the ways, they help children cope up with the dental treatment.

And what drives us…….? Well, we answer that by Quoting G Z Wright, one among the premier Pediatric Dentists who famously said

“Children are children all over the world.Languages and customs may differ, but those of us who communicate with children and offer them treatment share something important- A love for children”