Tiny Teeth

General Anesthesia

I have heard about dental treatment of children under General Anesthesia. When is that recommended?

As Pediatric Dentists, we are trained to manage most of the children that come to us, at the dental chair side. In special cases, children are treated inside the operation theatre under general anesthesia. These may include children who have extensive dental treatment needs requiring multiple appointments, but are not able to cope up with traditional dental treatment methods at the chair side. Also included are very young children or children with special health care needs. Dental treatment under General Anesthesia is also a safe treatment option for parents who are unable to come for multiple dental appointments, due to personal/professional reasons.

Is General Anesthesia for dental treatment, safe for my child?

Any procedure should be weighed on its benefits v/s risk ratio. Dental treatment under general anesthesia, where indicated, is safe with a resounding YES. General anesthesia is done in a controlled hospital operating room environment. The Anesthetist secures the airway of the child and the Pediatric Dentist concentrates on providing the best dental care to the child. Dental treatment otherwise requiring multiple dental visits, is accomplished in one appointment under general anesthesia.