Tiny Teeth

Why a Pediatric Dentist?

Well…. a simple reason is that, doing dental treatment on a small child is frankly one of the most challenging jobs and only a specialist can handle that. One bad dental experience for the child, even something like a mobile tooth pulled out without proper numbing or without giving adequate time to the child, will hinder all future dental treatment for the child. WHY???? Because, the child is going to be awefully frightened and is never going to come back into that or any other dentist’s clinic. The first dental visit of the child is very very important and a good pleasant dental visit is going to set a tone for positive attitude towards dentistry.

A Pediatric Dentist undergoes three years of exclusive training post her/his graduation, learning to deal and deliver dental treatment to children. Extensive training is provided in child psychology and child behavior guidance in these three years where in she/he treats anxious /frightened children day in day out. Behavior guidance methods scientifically backed by years of research are put into practice, learnt and perfected. Establishing two way communication with the child, Tell –Show –Do, desensitization, contingency management, euphemisms, modelling, distraction are some of the more well-known behavior guidance methods taught in our residency. The Pediatric Dentist is also trained in pharmacological methods of child management, including administration of local anesthesia painlessly, minimal to moderate sedation, nitrous oxide oxygen sedation and treatment of the child under general anesthesia when required.

In addition to behaviour guidance of young children, the Pediatric Dentist is also trained to comprehensively deal with all dental problems in children from infancy through adolescence. Preventing and intercepting early malocclusions, stimulating jaw growth in growing children, dealing with traumatic injuries of teeth, dealing with children with special health care needs, preventing cavities, all come under the umbrella of Pediatric Dentistry.

So Dear Parents, be informed – Children’s dental treatment is challenging. A right start for your child will put him/her on a happy road towards a lifetime of healthy and happy teeth. Cheers….