Tiny Teeth

Children with Special Health Care Needs

How is dental treatment accomplished for children with special health care needs?

Children with special health care needs commonly face many many dental problems. But, they are often neglected because of the inability of the children to express their pain. Also many times, their medical needs become priority at the cost of their dental needs. But these children  deserve the best shot at life and we need to do everything to give them that highest quality of life. Their smiles are often the most genuine and we need to make every effort that they flash their best and natural smile always. We need to ensure that they enjoy the best taste of food because an overload of medicines should not be all they taste. We need to ensure that they get the most nutritious food possible to help them build immunity and fight diseases away.

Children with special health care needs deserve the best preventive/corrective dental care. At Tiny Teeth, we do that by prefixing regular dental health checkup visits, custom designing special toothbrushes, applying sealants and fluorides at planned intervals, parent and diet counselling, accomplishing treatments under sedation or general anesthesia when required and whatever else is needed to make life better for the children.