Tiny Teeth

Treatment Corner

Cavity Prevention

Is there a vaccination against Dental decay?

What are Dental Sealants?

What is Fluoride treatment?

Cavity Care

Milk teeth fall anyway, do we still need to fill them?

Are fillings in children similar to adult fillings?

What is Root Canal Treatment and why do Dentists advise it so often???

Will a root canal treated milk tooth shed on its own?

Are permanent tooth root canal treatments in children, the same as adult root canal treatments?

Will my child require an injection for removal of a tooth?

What happens if a milk tooth is removed early?

Why crowns (caps) for milk teeth? Aren’t fillings adequate?

Are crowns (caps) used in children's teeth similar to the crowns used for adult teeth?

Pain Free Dentistry

My child is very anxious, will he/she be able to cope up with the dental treatment?

Will my child require an injection during dental treatment?

The Pediatric Dentist is recommending dental treatment for my child under sedation. Isn't that unusual?

Crooked Teeth

Can we prevent crooked teeth in children?

My child hasn’t lost all milk teeth but some of the permanent teeth are already crooked. Can something be done now?

My child has all permanent teeth. What are the types of braces available?

Children with Special Health Care Needs

How is dental treatment accomplished for children with special health care needs?

General Anesthesia

I have heard of dental treatment of children under General Anesthesia. When is that recommended?

Is General Anesthesia for dental treatment, safe for my child?

Adult Dental Procedures

Are adult dental procedures carried out at Tiny Teeth?